How can you diagnose and leverage organizational culture to drive enterprise effectiveness?

Our OD Practice supports clients in managing and driving culture shifts within their organizations to increase performance and enterprise effectiveness. We bring process and analytical rigor to our enterprise and organizational culture work. Our team takes a holistic, system-wide approach that focuses on aligning employee needs and motivations with organization performance and business strategy to drive improvements.

The key components of our approach include:

  • Defining the organization’s current state culture, as well as separately codifying and distinguishing its aspirational culture (and making sure the aspirational is soundly rooted with the enterprise’s business plan)
  • Measuring the workforce’s understanding of the perceived organizational culture and its knowledge on how to be successful within the culture – the COV measure
  • Determining the elements of the culture that drive organization performance effectiveness and the elements that inhibit organization performance effectiveness
  • Developing a blueprint with recommended steps for not only addressing culture elements that are inhibiting organization performance but that also provides a roadmap for achieving the organization’s aspirational culture

Learn more about Kaiser’s definition of organizational culture from leaders of Kaiser’s Organization Development Practice.

Kaiser’s Organization Development Practice developed a framework of 7 key elements that together shape enterprise culture. We describe these dominant elements that influence the collective behavior and personality of an organization in our Kaiser Enterprise Culture Model™.

Enterprise Culture Model

Enterprise Culture Model v0.5