Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry is at a critical point in its history.

Existing reserves are maturing, new reserves pose increasing technical access challenges, National Oil Companies are demanding larger shares of revenue, often with uncertain contractual security, political tension grows over rising oil prices, environmental concerns place further operational constraints, and the continuing talent shortage requires a fundamental rethink in recruiting, retention, and ways of working. However, these constraints can also open new doors of opportunity.

Every day, management teams of both large and small oil companies alike are faced with these challenges, behind which lie a bewildering complex of questions – technological, economic, operational, regulatory and environmental. With the investment of billions of dollars annually, addressing these issues requires hard-to-get facts and analysis to support all aspects of decision-making, from determining strategic direction to highly detailed operational performance improvements.

Kaiser’s Experience

Since its outset, Kaiser Associates has worked across the oil & gas value chain helping clients identify options, assess opportunities, and improve operations. Kaiser’s depth of experience spans most geographies and includes many segments such as: Oil Sands, Catalysts, Lubricants, Biofuels [Ethanol, BioDiesel and alternative feedstocks], as well as traditional upstream, midstream, downstream, petro-chemical situations and support functions.

As a result of Kaiser’s work, we have driven efficiency, increased competitive advantage, identified new business opportunities, and driven the implementation of new technologies across the industry.

Oil and Gas

Recent Engagement Examples

Identifying Asian Customers for Canadian Tar Sands Crude

Kaiser determined refiner awareness, willingness, and technical capabilities to process different blends of Canadian synthetic crude. As a result of initially analyzing multiple targets, Kaiser was able to recommend focusing on a single target based on competitive dynamics and client resources – shortening the business development cycle and shifting business development resources from initial exploratory efforts to higher value closing activities.

R&D in Next Generation Refining Technologies

Kaiser helped the client operationalize its aspiration to achieve technology leadership. Kaiser identified sources of ‘seed’ technologies from outside of the oil & gas -industry that could be adapted and developed for refining use and then prioritized those that would generate and sustain the greatest competitive advantage.

BioDiesel South American Market Analysis

Kaiser recommended how the client should invest to take a larger role in the biodiesel value chain. The decision was based on analysis of the detailed 10 year projections of feedstocks for biodiesel manufacturing, analysis of industry players’ strategic intent over the coming 10 years, and the client’s trading company business model.