Government & Nonprofit Business Needs

We Help Our Clients Make Sense of it All


Our fact-based, “outside-in” methodology starts by leaving any preconceived notions at the door, understanding our clients’ strategic and operational challenges, and developing solutions that achieve mission success quicker and with greater confidence.

  • We listen to our clients’ customers and stakeholders and make sense of the operating environment to help our clients succeed.
  • We seek to understand how other organizations – from across the public and private sectors – navigate similar changes and adapt those practices and lessons to address our clients’ needs.
  • We identify the trends that matter to our clients in a fast-changing market and help them design forward-leaning, resilient programs, and operations that easily adapt to internal and external changes.


Program and Organizational Effectiveness

Delivering blueprints for change that provide sustainable organizational and programmatic impact to lines of business and mission support entities.

Most go about program design and evaluation with a set of academic-based methodologies that require several months to complete, often embracing an inside-out approach that generates ambiguous recommendations. We talk directly to program stakeholders, customers, and partners to obtain an unvarnished view of their needs and analyze the broader market for disruptive technologies, demand drivers, and “competing” solutions. We deliver blueprints for change that help our clients improve program outcomes and quickly deliver sustainable results and outcome-oriented recommendations using our “outside-in” approach.

Our Offerings

  • Rapid Program Assessments: Incorporate customer perspectives, as well as market trends and forces using commercially proven tools to deliver recommendations that improve program services and mission impact in as short as 12 weeks.
  • Organizational Change Management: Design roadmaps for change that incorporate client objectives into every recommendation to improve implementation.
  • Mission Support Alignment: Align mission support organizations (e.g., CIO, CFO, CHCO) with internal business customers’ needs to accelerate speed-to-mission.


Operational Excellence

Identifying practical and proven ways to deliver better operational results

From expediting claims processing to driving higher customer satisfaction, our approach is rooted in a few simple principles: 1) Start with the end in mind, 2) Focus on what’s unique about our clients, and 3) Build for sustained success. We work with our clients to identify the root causes of their operational challenges and identify best practices uniquely capable of addressing these challenges.

Our Offerings

  • Data-driven decision-making: Build a culture and cultivate tools that embrace the use of data and evidence to drive better decision-making and outcomes.
  • Business process improvement: Streamline and strengthen business processes to achieve greater impact, increased productivity, and/or reduce costs.
  • Performance outcome measurement: Define, align, and measure operational and outcome objectives, and align them with the organization or agency-wide goals.



Helping organizations prepare for and navigate change with greater agility and resilience

Fickle customer expectations, disruptive events that occur with seemingly uncommon frequency, and the rapid pace of technological advancements simultaneously create opportunity and present existential threats. We help our clients develop resilience and agility for two of the core modernization building blocks, technology and workforce, facilitating more efficient and confident decision-making in the face of uncertainty.

Our Offerings

  • Technology Assessments: Identify and evaluate technology gaps specific to our clients’ current and future business needs in the context of broader technology trends, and provide best-in-class solutions
  • Workforce Assessments: Build workforce resiliency in the face of change by examining culture, employer value proposition, and skills and competencies, all in the context of broader workforce trends.
  • Decision-Support: Assist clients with investment and programmatic decisions during times of uncertainty by making sense of changing customer needs and designing evaluation frameworks to support fact-based and defensible decisions.


Growth and Scaling

Guiding client organizations and associations across the public and nonprofit sectors to expand and support customer and membership growth, while simultaneously strengthening the customer and member experience.

We help Associations and nonprofits develop fact-based, market-informed growth strategies by employing the same proven, fact-based research methodology and tools that we have used to help Fortune 500 clients grow for the past 40 years.

Our Offerings

  • New Product / Program Strategy: Evaluate the feasibility of new programs, services, and products through a thorough analysis of customers and the market landscape, including go-to-market strategy.
  • Customer / Market Expansion: Analyze organizational performance in new markets and product desirability across different target segments by assessing the total addressable market, the serviceable available market, and the serviceable obtainable market.
  • Membership Models: Evaluate the effectiveness of the current membership model in driving membership recruitment and retention, and assess the merits of new growth models.