Our model begins with a program of original primary research, conducted to develop a detailed and robust quantitative and qualitative data set. We then apply rigorous strategic analysis, and translate our insights into actionable and fact-based recommendations. Each project is bespoke – designed specifically to suit the individual client circumstances. Additionally, our global reach enables us to consult on both macro and local-level strategic considerations.

We support our clients in three primary areas:

  1. Commercial Decision Support
    Unlocking organic and inorganic growth opportunities in core, adjacent and white space products and services
  2. Corporate Development and M&A
    Applying our 35-year history in research-driven commercial strategy across 8 industry verticals support decision-making across the entire investment life-cycle – from Investment Thesis Development and Pressure Testing, to Target Identification and Commercial Due Diligence, and Post-Acquisition Support
  3. Industrial Tech
    Developing strategies to gain value share by blending “heavy metal” with technology (e.g., new technical materials, Automation, Learning Machines, Autonomous Self-Operating Machinery, Internet of Things, etc.)

Our core experience spans the topics listed below.