Using activity-based staffing and benchmarking to create a scalable organizational and operational structure


A growing wireless infrastructure company based in South America required greater insight into its resource needs and the ideal organizational structure for  operations in multiple countries as it matured. The client sought Kaiser’s expertise in operational strategy to develop:

  • An Activity-Based Staffing analysis of their current operations to understand time spent by position on key activities and compare against best-in-class productivity levels
  • A plan for outsourcing / insourcing key functions and transitioning activities in-house over a 3-5 year timeline based upon changing costs, asset base, and strategic value
  • A dynamic staffing model to benchmark / predict resource needs by country, area, and function as they planned for a period of growth and acquisitions


Kaiser compared client’s current-state operations to our standard operating model, analyzed staffing data, and led discussions with client SMEs before engineering:

  • Quantitative employee productivity reports allowing managers to analyze percentage of each employee’s time being spent on individual business activities
  • Predictive model to foresee staffing needs by position and function as key business drivers change
  • Matrix / roadmap to understand the costs & business drivers unique to our client that trigger the eventual in-house transition for Site Acquisition and Accounting activities


The tools Kaiser created allowed the client to improve bottom-line performance through:

  • 16% rise in staffing productivity resulting from an optimized staffing allocation across the company as they doubled their tower portfolio
  • A 10% reduction in asset management system fees enabled by better visibility into future number of users prior to contract renegotiation
  • Benchmark productivity / workload ratios to understand and compare staffing needs in each group as the company expanded into new product offerings