We help our clients achieve the seamless integration of the Operational and Financial sides of their businesses.

Major questions we have answered for our clients include:

  • Valuation and investor returns: Which operational and financial decisions most directly impact our multiple, cash flow, and EBITDA?
  • Optimal structures: How should we shape our organizational structure to drive superior execution, and how will our resource needs change as we grow?
  • Customer segmentation: What should our approach be to drive success across our sales and marketing efforts? Which markets and customer needs should we target?
  • Industry benchmarking: What do the operations of best-in-class in telecommunications companies look like, and what must we do to compete at the highest level?

With decades of experience designing and improving both Operational and Financial processes for Telecommunications-focused companies, we partner with clients interested in increasing efficiency, communication, and accountability throughout their organizations. Understanding that effective definition, articulation, and adherence to standardized processes is a cornerstone of successful growth in the Telecom industry, we have worked with companies representing all sizes and geographies to:

  • Define and Document Operational and Financial Processes: Our uniquely granular approach to process mapping facilitates definition, roles, responsibilities, and “success roadmaps” at the level of each individual employee
  • Improve and Redefine Key Business Processes: Kaiser’s approach includes a focus on cycle time reduction, improved accountability, and communication by incorporating data-driven process deep-dives and voice-of-customer analyses to identify the root causes of perceived bottlenecks / challenges
  • Design and Implement Asset, Project, and Contract Management Systems: Our experience has taught us that processes are only as strong as their support systems. Implementing these effectively requires subject matter expertise and a passion for detail