Kaiser Associates helps the world’s leading medical device companies improve performance and achieve business growth objectives in an industry marked by increasing consolidation, intensifying competition, and more value-driven purchasers.

Kaiser combines deep expertise in commercial growth strategy and the medical device industry with proprietary provider, payer, and competitor insights to help clients identify, pursue, and optimize commercial growth opportunities.

Our medical device and technology team specializes in supporting clients with:

  • Portfolio Strategy: identifying white space and adjacencies, and assessing synergies within existing product portfolios
  • Market Sizing and Forecasting: providing clients with a deep understanding of market dynamics and future growth areas
  • Acquisition Strategy and Due Diligence: identifying, evaluating, and recommending acquisition opportunities
  • New Product Development: identifying unmet customer needs, defining new product requirements, and testing new product concepts
  • New Product Launch Planning: providing clients with detailed roadmaps to guide new product releases, with insight into customer segmentation, product messaging, and referral development strategies
  • Sales and Marketing Optimization: analyzing sales, marketing, and organizational strategies, and the impact of changes to government policy, reimbursement, and competition
  • Strategic Wargaming: identifying opportunities to more effectively deploy existing capabilities, including competitive benchmarking, strategy development, and strategy deployment

We support:

Procedure-Based Medical Devices

We support clients across a range of procedure-based medical device categories:

  • Minimally Invasive Procedural Devices
  • Robotic Surgery Platforms
  • Medical Implants & Surgical Tools
  • Drug-Device Combinations
  • Surgery-Sparing & Ambulatory Technologies

Clinical Diagnostics

We support clients across a range of categories within clinical diagnostics:

  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Next-Generation Sequencing
  • Point-of-Need Technologies
  • Immunoassays
  • Diagnostic Imaging

Medical Supplies & Equipment

We support clients across a range of categories within medical equipment and products:

  • Surgical Tools and Equipment
  • Disposable Equipment and Supplies
  • Patient Monitoring Devices & Equipment
  • Medication Management
  • Imaging Systems
  • Critical Care

Clinical Solutions

We support clients across a range of categories within health and wellness technology:

  • Radiology Information Systems
  • Laboratory Information Systems
  • Specialty Planning Systems
  • Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support
  • Remote Monitoring - Consumer and Enterprise