The Kaiser Difference

Kaiser uncovers  the  insights that  can  sharpen  a strategy. (Or  slay an  adversary.)

For more than 40 years, our “industry insider” approach to bespoke research has supported clients in a focused group of specialized markets and disciplines.  Armed with this intelligence that is simply unavailable elsewhere, our analysts are able to craft practical, agile, and actionable strategies that allow clients to make some really bold decisions.  With great confidence.

It’s this unique, left-brain/right-brain synthesis—embodied in a single firm—that makes for a particularly potent and effective consultant engagement.

We tirelessly pursue the primary intel that others miss 

We’re relentless about accessing solid evidence, whether that requires tracking down obscure market data, closely guarded technical expertise, or competitive information straight from the source.  Even in “green pasture” situations, our experience in recognizing and gathering relevant types of data allows us to chart new terrain in a way that supports savvy planning.

We offer grounded (and actionable) guidance without disclaimers 

Contracting a big-name consultant to walk your board through a polished slide deck may provide you with cover for a risky move.  Trouble is, generalities and consensus thinking are unlikely to produce true game-changing breakthroughs.  The confidence that underpins our strategic recommendations comes from our organic research, combined with decades of sector-specific perspective—which puts you in a position to take bolder competitive action.