Case Studies

Growth Opportunities

Strategic repositioning for a tech-enabled travel services company

Private Equity and M&A North America

Led a strategic repositioning for portfolio company facing stalled growth in a challenging post-COVID environment. Identified new channels and target customers with fact-based market feedback

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Identifying emerging operational and commercial models in the steel derivates market ​

Private Equity and M&A Global

Mapped-out key manufacturers’ strategic plans as well as their commercial and operational priorities; assessed customers’ KPCs with a view to identifying areas of differentiation for the project sponsor; supported the project sponsor in the definition of its strategy roadmap

Voice of Market

Assessment of a Target in the Testing Inspecting and Certification market

Private Equity and M&A Global

Performed diligence on a global player in the TIC market, assessing its competitive positioning and performance across various local markets (e.g., differentiators, local customer growth, customer loyalty, win rates, talent retention)

Performance Improvement & Productivity

Manufacturing cost assessment and improvement

Industrial Goods & Services Global

Identified new, best-in-class KPI targets for client’s global facilities by analyzing, collecting, and benchmarking operational and cost data against key competitors

M&A and Corporate Development

Brand equity assessment of M&A target

Industrial Goods & Services North America

Identified, assessed, and benchmarked critical factors of target’s offerings against key competitors to understand its market position and brand strength


Commercialization of a new service offering

Industrial Goods & Services Global

Identified key customer segmentations, needs, behaviors, and expectations to understand desired features and key value drivers for the commercialization of a new service offering