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Kaiser is a pioneer and world leader in Benchmarking. We were the first consulting firm to institutionalize benchmarking and have since conducted 4,000+ customized engagements.

Kaiser established our Benchmarking capability in 1983 and published our first Benchmarking book in 1985, “Beating the Competition: A Practical Guide to Benchmarking”. Honed over 40+ years, our experience and continuous improvement make us uniquely qualified to help clients use Benchmarking to deliver improved business results.

When We Can Help



What We Deliver & How We Do It

Customized Benchmarking analyses that focus on the “right” processes, metrics, and companies for the client’s unique situation. Kaiser’s 7-step process provides structure and analytical rigor to both internal and external Benchmarking projects.



Our benchmarking methodology yields:

  • Insights into “Keys to Success”: Understand underlying enablers and drivers behind best practice performance
  • Proven Solutions: Learn from others and avoid “re-inventing the wheel”

Which enable:

  • Better Decision-Making: Prioritize decisions based on data and best-of-breed practices to leapfrog competitors


Why Kaiser

Depth and breadth of experience

  • Our experience base is acknowledged to be the most extensive in the field, covering every major industry, function, and process
  • Deep, experiential knowledge of critical success factors, pitfalls to avoid, and how to maximize the impact of BenchmarkingB2B Specialists with 360⁰ Coverage Across the Ecosystem

Selecting the “right” companies

  • We choose the most relevant companies for our clients’ situations to ensure highly applicable learnings and, therefore, highly actionable results
  • We never settle for lesser examples based on access or availability

Hard-to-obtain data through proven research methodology

  • The unique combination of qualitative to explore and probe and quantitative to test and measure
  • We uncover facts and insights by effectively sifting through vast sources of raw data

“Apples-to-apples” performance comparisons

  • Investigation and findings map to client metrics and definitions
  • Our points of comparison are customized to ensure client resonance

Actionable insights

  • Detailed “how” and “why” insights, enabling execution against identified performance gaps

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Kaiser benchmarking informs and inspires client strategy choices and investment decisions by providing detailed examples and proof points.

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