M&A and Corporate Development

Kaiser supports exceptionally successful and active acquirers to generate value across all stages of the M&A lifecycle: Pre-LOI, Commercial Due Diligence, Value Creation, and Sell-Side.

Our clients include leading Large Cap, Mid/Small Cap, and Corporate M&A teams. They repeatedly turn to Kaiser because of our highly responsive, swift, and customer-centered approach. Kaiser is further differentiated by our Partner-level leadership and engagement throughout.

We Examine the Market with Superior Granularity

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In the Most Attractive Spaces, We Unearth What it Takes to Win

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We Assess Competitive Positioning and Performance

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Final Deliverables

"Right" Spaces/Targets
Market Vetted Investment Decision
Initial Value Creation Strategy
Subject Matter Expert Strategy
How to Maximize Exit Value

Our services are particularly effective in niche and fast-changing sectors, or in situations where the investment thesis is based on a particular angle that is not sufficiently covered in the public domain. Even in data-poor situations (unmeasured markets, emerging segments, privately-held companies), Kaiser’s primary-research DNA equips us to build a proprietary, totally “new-to-the-world” and accurate fact-base with unparalleled richness and granularity.

Kaiser project teams integrate Industry and M&A specialists, sparking contextualized & passionate analysis (1+1=3)

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Kaiser expertly tailors design and execution to put more resources against deal theses and unique value drivers that pinpoint and explode disruptive opportunities.

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