Market Analysis & Structural Attractiveness

Kaiser’s capability in Market Analysis and Structural Attractiveness is assured by the quality of our data and the rigor of our approach. We are the gold standard in hard-to-measure spaces.

We develop credible, defendable market definition, sizing, market share, and growth forecasts foundational to wise business decision-making.

When We Can Help

Our original research fills gaps with qualitative and quantitative data to more rigorously size and segment markets, uncover differential customer insights and understand competitor value chain economics. Even in data-poor situations (unmeasured markets, emerging segments, privately-held companies), Kaiser’s primary-research DNA equips us to build a proprietary fact base with unparalleled richness and granularity.

We support clients in situations where the market attributes they are looking to understand are:

  • Buried within a much larger market
  • Founded on assumptions and modeled with no underlying hard facts
  • Completely unfamiliar whitespace
  • Lacking the ‘why’, ‘how’, and context behind the available data


What We Deliver

Kaiser’s research investigates and answers key issues including:

Segmentation and Definition

  • Define segments and sub-segments
  • Include emerging segments and segments of the future
  • Size, Profit, and Growth
  • Total and addressable market sizing – quantifying opportunity at the SAM/SOM level rather than just TAM
  • Profitability, value chains, and profit pools
  • Growth runway and growth drivers
  • Headwinds, tailwinds, and scenario-based forecasting

Competitive Landscape

  • Level of competitive concentration and rivalry
  • Identify and profile leaders, challengers, and disruptors
  • Trends in vertical and horizontal consolidation
  • Assess potential to gain share / win incremental new business​
  • M&A pipeline
  • Channel / Customer Landscape


How We Do It

We start with published reports/syndicated data, then systematically fill key data gaps through creative secondary research + original primary research​ to compare size, growth, competitive intensity, and funnel to the most structurally attractive spaces for further analysis. Kaiser’s multi-methodological approach combines key elements of each source to improve the robustness of the findings.

Kaiser's Investigative Edge


Why Kaiser

Our starting point in research doesn’t rely on assumptions from existing data. We gather and build a fact base that is pressure-tested and supported by insights directly from stakeholders.

For example, when examining structural attractiveness, we use original primary and secondary research to uncover the profitability of specific markets. We don’t rely on the published profitability of markets and assume it naturally applies to our clients’ markets.

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The superior market visibility we provide our clients justifies their confident decision-making and delivers a competitive edge.

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