Performance Improvement and Productivity

Kaiser supports clients in addressing financial, operational, and competitive performance challenges in their core business, and those looking to create agility and advantage across the value chain.

Our neutral, external perspective illuminates the performance gap to be closed. With direct market insights and benchmarked operational data, we catalyze client improvements of business models, P&L structures, and/or functional capabilities.

We Pinpoint Value Creation Opportunities

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We Benchmark Our Client’s Capabilities and Assets

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Final Deliverables

Specific Opportunities and "Dig Sites"
Actionable Recommendations for Increasing Competitiveness

We support clients who are seeking to:

Understand their competitive positioning relative to current and emerging competitors

  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Value Creation

Assess specific functional areas or business processes, including:

  • R&D/Innovation
  • Decision-making
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Data Security, IoT, and Analytics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Capital Allocation
  • Talent Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Service

Kaiser is differentiated in solving Performance Improvement and Productivity challenges.

  • We are adept at uncovering and analyzing competitive KPIs at a more granular layer enabling actionable comparisons
  • We get into the how’s and why’s that drive performance, organizational decision choice, distinctive capabilities, and resources
  • To complete the value chain analysis and uncover operational best practices, we gather insights directly from participants in the ecosystems, such as: retailers, B2B customers, suppliers, distributors, etc.

Kaiser’s innovative, and industry-focused approach to performance improvement and productivity offers a holistic view to understand major cost drives, pinpoint inefficiencies, and close operational gaps.

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As a result of opportunities identified through Kaiser’s diagnostic approach to performance improvement and productivity, our clients capitalize on cost synergies and growth.

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