Voice of Market

We are experts in capturing and analyzing breakthrough insights from market participants.

Kaiser has over 40 years of experience designing and executing Voice of Market assessments to gather powerful and granular insights from a range of stakeholders across the value chain, including customers, prospective customers, lost customers, channel partners, suppliers, distributors, consumers, and more.

Voice of Market


When We Can Help

Clients turn to Kaiser for Voice of Market support when they’re seeking to:


What We Deliver

Kaiser’s Voice of Market research can cover a broad range of topics and themes, with the approach tailored to answer your core business questions

  • Conduct segmentation and describe segment profiles/personas
  • Quantify spend and frequency of purchase
  • Identify decision-makers and influencers
  • Define the selection process/path to purchase
  • Capture and weight selection criteria (Key Purchasing Criteria and Choice Drivers)
  • Understand preferences, switching behavior, and improvement opportunities
  • Test concepts and products
  • Assess brand equity/NPS, loyalty, advocacy
  • Uncover unmet needs, cross-selling opportunities


How We Do It

Primary research is in our DNA.

To provide our clients with the ‘best of both worlds”, we expertly combine qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Qualitative In-Depth Interview / Focus Groups: Open-Ended Questions, Rich Insights

  • Our honed investigative interview techniques allow us to go further and faster to consistently uncover breakthrough insights
  • Our expert facilitators chase nuances, uncover valuable nuggets

Quantitative Surveys/Studies: Large Sample, Statistically Significant

  • Strategy-led survey design directly addresses critical hypotheses and disruptive opportunities
  • We’re hyper-focused on delivering actionable learnings


Kaiser's Investigative Edge


Why Kaiser

Custom Solutions

  • All our research is designed from scratch and is tailored to your business needs, to ensure we answer your specific questions and objectives
  • We use your ongoing hypotheses to frame our research questions to ensure a precise, targeted approach

B2B Specialists with 360⁰ Coverage Across the Ecosystem

  • We understand the unique dynamics of the B2B ecosystem and our expertise gives us the context to ask the right questions of the right people
  • We conduct interviews across the contrasting parts of the ecosystem to capture diverse perspectives, ‘connecting the dots’ in original ways to give our sponsors a winning edge

Proprietary and ‘Fresh’ Sourcing Methodology

  • For 40 years we’ve identified and attracted quality interviewees without relying on expert networks or panels
  • We engage ‘on-the-ground’ decision-makers rather than long-retired executives

We do the Actual Research

  • Trained strategy consultants always lead investigative discussions, not outsourced research partners
  • Our nimble and off-script interviewing style helps to build a clear fact base while allowing for agility and flexibility to uncover previously unseen insights

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