Growth Opportunities

Kaiser specializes in detecting, quantifying, and prioritizing Adjacent and Whitespace Growth opportunities

Through internal and external analysis, we build a strategic fact base and leverage direct market insights to inspire and inform our client’s adjacent and whitespace growth choices.

We Determine the Most Attractive Spaces

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In the Most Attractive Spaces, We Unearth What it Takes to Win

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We Benchmark Our Client's Capabilities and Assets

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Final Deliverables

Client Right to Win in the Most Attractive Spaces
'Plan of Attack' for Activating Specific Growth Spaces

Our proven process – backed by 40+ years of experience and world-class research capabilities – helps clients make fact-driven choices. We’re adept at asking the right questions and knowing how to sequence them to expertly uncover mission-critical insight and rich detail in each potential growth area.

We know strategy is choice: choosing where to play is also about choosing what not to do. Our empirically based approach enables our clients to:

  • Enter a new space as a challenger
  • Create a new-to-the-world business or business model

Our ability to portray a 360-degree market view elevates growth opportunities across all relevant vectors.

Growth Vectors

With each step in our analysis, we narrow down from a broad set of opportunities to a well-vetted shortlist of growth platforms.

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Kaiser’s pragmatic approach to growth generates
differential insights to speed decision-making.

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