Case Studies

Performance Improvement & Productivity

Manufacturing cost assessment and improvement

Industrial Goods & Services Global

Identified new, best-in-class KPI targets for client’s global facilities by analyzing, collecting, and benchmarking operational and cost data against key competitors

M&A and Corporate Development

Brand equity assessment of M&A target

Industrial Goods & Services North America

Identified, assessed, and benchmarked critical factors of target’s offerings against key competitors to understand its market position and brand strength


Commercialization of a new service offering

Industrial Goods & Services Global

Identified key customer segmentations, needs, behaviors, and expectations to understand desired features and key value drivers for the commercialization of a new service offering

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Supporting the development of an aftermarket services program for an equipment manufacturer

Industrial Goods & Services North America

Develop best-in-class profiles of 25 peer and adjacent companies to inform client’s new aftermarket services team. Research informed program structure, offerings, and service levels

Growth Opportunities

Emerging market strategy for construction equipment OEM

Industrial Goods & Services Global

Developed a product-specific framework to determine the most attractive emerging markets for investment, then conducted secondary and primary research to prioritize countries allowing the client to make data-driven investment decisions

Voice of Market

Improving aftermarket service performance and customer retention in building products

Industrial Goods & Services Global

Supported a client initiative to reduce customer churn in key markets by understanding the customer segmentation, needs, and benchmarking the client’s performance vs competitors against customer needs