The Hong Kong office serves clients located in the Greater China region.

Greater China has become a key driver of global growth, owing both to its vast and growing market and to its position as the world’s largest manufacturer. The opportunities for our clients include growth in new geographies and product categories, adjacent revenue streams available for capture, and the opportunity to stake out a new position in the emerging supply chain.

At the same time, our clients recognize that the Greater China landscape is evolving rapidly, with multiple disruptive shifts possible in the period ahead – and that individual market and supply chain opportunities can differ widely in their specific requirements for creating and sustaining competitive advantage.

Kaiser’s Hong Kong office serves to support clients seeking to ensure the success of their Greater China strategies, and to yield maximum return on the investment of time, resources, and management attention that are involved in pursuing these strategies.

For the past several years, Kaiser has supported clients in identifying the most viable, most attractive, and best-strategic-fit opportunities in Greater China by enabling fact-based decisions on questions such as where to compete most favorably in Greater China; how to create maximum advantage today; and where to focus in order to build Next Gen capabilities.

Hong Kong Office
Suite 901, Level 9, The Hong Kong Club Building,
3A Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong

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Telephone: +852 3125 2552