Few trends appear to have the wide-ranging impact that electrification is having on our clients.

As industrial machinery moves from combustion energy to electric, significant disruptions are occurring to OEMs and their supply chain which has remained relatively stable for 70 years. Many industrial manufacturers are comforted by the fact that electrification is a slow-moving trend, subject to the 10 –20 year lifecycles of most industrial products. While that may be historically true, we believe that electrification is set to rapidly accelerate in the next 5 – 10 years. Manufacturers that are researching, planning, and piloting now will be well-positioned to capture the changing market, while those that are in ‘wait and see’ mode may be left behind.

Kaiser’s Industrials Goods & Services and Private Equity Practices partnered up to explore the drivers of electrification, noting their sustainability now vs. in previous years. Our analysis provides insight into the opportunity size in key segments as well as strategic recommendations for both OEMs and suppliers.

How Should OEMs and suppliers best position themselves for success in this new environment?

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