We help global financial players derive clarity and develop critical insights to convert challenges into strategic opportunities

Our Financial Services & Payments Practice helps leading institutions develop market-driven strategies that provide sustainable competitive advantage. We do this through core competencies related to primary research and industry expertise, generating the outside-in inputs required to position a company favorably in a dynamic, ever-changing landscape.

Outside-in strategy development has many advantages over traditional inside-out stratagems, which typically overemphasize internal strengths and historically vetted patterns of operation. Outside-in strategy development, on the other hand, grounds strategic planning in the needs of customers and the shortcomings or strengths of competitors.

Outside-in planning becomes all the more important for firms in the Financial Services sector. Competitors are changing daily, and entering from traditionally non-competitive sectors (i.e. Technology, Telecom). Customers are gaining access to services that cross state and international borders, shrinking the barriers to access. Firms are expanding to new markets in order to generate higher return on assets than was ever before possible.

Kaiser Associates possesses the unique ability to deliver on the outside-in planning needs of our clients. We have worked with clients across numerous sectors of the Financial Services space, and as a result, carry wide-ranging expertise in which to use to apply to our clients most concerning questions.