We help identify and test opportunities early, ensuring that limited team resources are pointed in the right direction and proprietary insights can be developed before others get there

Identifying targets is a simple task. Developing a sound thesis, and identifying the right targets is far more challenging. Knowing the difference often boils down to:

  • Accuracy and validity of market thesis
  • Robustness of the initial target search
  • Clarity of the qualifying factors
  • Rigor of the initial diligence

Kaiser provides three sequential services:

  • Supporting development and validation of market investment theses
  • Early testing of value generation potential
  • Efficiently identifying an attractive pipeline of potential options

Our work saves clients their most valuable assets: time and resources.

Our Services Fall within Two Categories:

Market / Industry Attractiveness Assessment

  • We provide objective facts and analysis to help our clients develop effective investment strategies
    Early Testing of Value Generation Potential
  • We help formulate market theses and test value generation strategies early on (e.g., industry combinations, value proposition enhancements, adjacent market opportunities, etc.); we take the ideas that feel right and sound smart, and test them for validity and strength

Target Identification / Initial Testing

We identify a broad universe of both private and public potential investment candidates depending on a client’s investment strategy.

  • We identify companies with the best value-creating, or value-turning opportunities and greatest relevance to its clients’ existing portfolio / positions or strategic objectives
  • From the initial universe of potential targets, we rigorously screens candidates using quantitative and qualitative criteria in order to identify the “right” targets

Our proven Investment Screening methodology instills confidence in our clients that they have picked the right target(s), and excluded the wrong ones targets, and provides an advantage when engaging with a process (proprietary or brokered).