Is it still possible to achieve information asymmetry in today’s highly competitive deal market? Yes, but it requires deviating from the standard GLG and Alpha Sights approach to sourcing experts.

1. Every other firm chasing the deal has equal access to the exact same experts

  • On many deals, the same “expert” will talk to several different firms and offer up the same set of insights to each
  • No firm gains information asymmetry and no real competitive advantage through diligence

2. The “expert” typically brings relevant knowledge but is almost never the “true” expert (someone with current, unique, and directly relevant insights

3. Rarely delivers the detailed nuggets of insight that make all the difference in how an investor views a deal and market

The solution is to execute an intense original research effort in the first 36 hours of a diligence assignment to locate, recruit, and interview the “true” expert. We have a proven process that dedicates a team of trained strategy consultants to this task at the start of every diligence assignment.

The result: meaningful insights and passionate analysis that deliver an edge for our clients.

Kaiser generates value for PE firms and Portfolio Companies across the M&A lifecycle

Get in touch to learn more about how we can support full CDD assignments or operate as an extension of your team on discrete steps / to fill gaps. Kaiser’s services are particularly effective in niche and fast-changing sectors, or in situations where the investment thesis is based on a particular angle that is not sufficiently covered in the public domain.