Vendor Due Diligence is only as useful as it is credible and our approach ensures that both clients and buyers benefit from the most credible Vendor Due Diligence

Particularly in Europe, Kaiser’s Private Equity and M&A practice supports clients on the sell-side through robust Vendor Due Diligence – weaving the same primary research methodology and analytical approaches of our Commercial Due Diligence together with a collaborative approach to unearthing the strongest data, strategy, and value generation plans of Management.

We apply our primary-research driven approach to Vendor Due Diligence. We define the analytical methods required to properly examine the commercial aspects of management’s plan and validate the strategy. We develop a custom research process to deeply investigate each issue on the plan, and complete robust analyses to surface the very best and most reliable answer possible.

Our Vendor Due Diligence process provides all elements of the comprehensive assessment necessary to generate comfort in the buy-side, but is unique in the richness of “color” and insight that is generated through the deep investigative interviews with individuals in the market. This color and insight create a rich and rigorous foundation for the analysis.

Our process for Vendor Due Diligence is proven and efficient:

  • Efficiently reviewing existing studies and documentation to create continuity and a common language between Kaiser’s Vendor Due Diligence and the materials that will be used to form the investor materials
  • Interviewing Management and key personnel to surface the best data, analyses and arguments early-on, and to avoid “reinventing the wheel”, where doing so would not generate value for the analysis
  • Assessing the Management plan by applying a decade of Kaiser Commercial Due Diligence experience to identify areas of weakness or lack of clarity
  • Identifying specific due diligence focus areas, and developing work plans with Seller and Advisors to ensure coverage
  • Gathering data, including conducing robust but efficient primary research to provide a foundation of highly relevant data for the analysis – providing clear answers to most tough questions
  • Conducting regular touch points with advisors and other parties to eliminate surprises
  • Developing thoughtful, clear and attractive documentation based on clear structure and themes tied to Management Plan
  • Communicating and delivering the Vendor Due Diligence as seasoned diligence professionals